Steps After a Dog Bite

Steps After a Dog Bite

Steps After a Dog Bite

If you have been attacked, you might be worried about not knowing the steps after a dog bite that you should take. If your injuries are serious, dial 9-1-1 or get immediate medical attention. Your first thought must be to avoid further injury and make sure your injuries do not worsen.

If possible, get as much information as you can about the dog’s owner. This is important because it’s the dog owner (and the dog owner’s insurance company) that is legally responsible for paying for your injuries. As you can imagine, a court can order a dog owner to pay you, but not a dog.

Steps After a Dog Bite | Report the Incident

After things have settled down, you should report the dog bite. Ideally, this will be the appropriate local animal control agency or department, but it may be a local police department depending on where you live.

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Steps After a Dog Bite | Gather Evidence

Finally, gather evidence of your injuries and the harm you have suffered as a result of them. Take pictures, get copies of your medical records and have your boss or human resources department document the work you had to miss (if applicable) because of your injuries from the dog bite.

Steps After a Dog Bite | Hire an Attorney

You should also consider hiring an attorney who handles dog bites. In theory, the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owner will be able to fully compensate you for your injuries and losses. But there is often dispute over the extent of the injuries or whether you also played a part in the dog deciding to bite you. Therefore, you may be in for a lengthy battle with the dog owner’s insurance company. Additionally, even if the insurance company cooperates and pays out, it may not be enough to fully compensate you. As a result, additional legal action may be required and it’s nice to have an attorney to be able to take that next step if necessary. At the very least, contact a Ventura dog bite lawyer for a free consultation to get a better idea of your legal rights.

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