Wrongful Death Compensation Types

Wrongful Death Compensation Types

Wrongful Death Compensation Types

Are you hoping to find out more about wrongful death compensation types? What you must know is that, under California law, the wrongful death claim is split into two types of claims or causes of actions. The first is a survivorship action. A survivorship action means that the person who was killed by someone’s failure to comply with the safety rules or the rules of the road will have sustained injuries, and damages, and suffering that leads to their death. That claim that they have for their injuries, pain, suffering, and the anguish that they go through until their death survives that death. Those claims continue.

Wrongful Death Compensation Types | Survivor Claims

If you have a potential wrongful death claim here in Ventura County, you may have been doing some research on the internet and seen that there are survivor actions and there are wrongful death actions. You were probably wondering what the difference is in California between a survival action and a wrongful death action. A survival action, or a survivorship action, are the injuries, pain, suffering, disability, and medical bills that have been paid for because of somebody’s negligence. They don’t go away just because your loved one or family member died. All those claims survive and are still legitimate claims that can be made.

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Wrongful Death Compensation Types | Wrongful Death Claims

In addition to those claims, there are the wrongful death claims. Those are the losses that you and the close family members suffer because of the loss of this loved one: the loss of companionship, love, and financial support. Those are the damages that go to you. Those are the two separate, and completely different causes of action.

Wrongful Death Compensation Types | Hiring an Attorney

In California, wrongful death claims are complex. You need a Ventura personal injury attorney who is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who will be able to fill a lawsuit on your behalf and build a case with a solid foundation and who will get the evidence necessary to support both the survivorship and the wrongful death claims.

If you need to know more about wrongful death compensation types, please call our Ventura wrongful death attorney Craig Murphy today for a free consultation.

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