Pedestrian Accident Advice

Pedestrian Accident Advice

Pedestrian Accident Advice

Pedestrian Accident AdviceIf you are injured in a pedestrian accident in Ventura, you have the right to seek compensation. Call our Ventura pedestrian accident lawyer today for a free consultation. Before you do that, however, here is some very helpful pedestrian accident advice courtesy of our experienced attorneys.

Pedestrian Accident Advice | What to Do Following the Accident

Following your accident, if you are physically able to, gather contact information from witnesses who can potentially vouch for you in this event. If you are too injured to do anything of this sort, have the authorities take over and gather this information for you. Their statements can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to proving that the driver was negligent and at fault for your accident, resulting in your serious injuries.

Immediately following the collision, assuming you did not lose consciousness, get yourself checked out by a doctor. This might be at the emergency room, or quick care center, or later on by your family doctor if you do not have life-threatening injuries. Make sure you tell them everything that is bothering you so that they have it all on record. This can be used later to make sure you get compensation for every possible way this accident has affected you. If you are still in pain, continue your medical treatment. Your health is a priority and you should not suffer because you don’t want to pay the co-pays or deal with waiting rooms anymore. Discontinuing medical treatment not only does not help you get better, but it does not help with your injury case.

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Pedestrian Accident Advice | Hire an Attorney

Lastly, you should make a call to an experienced and certified Ventura personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The quicker you get someone on the case, the more evidence and information they can gather on your behalf. With most personal injury attorneys, you usually have two years to bring a case, but that does not mean that you will want to wait those two years out. There is much to do immediately following the case and waiting lessens your ability to gather information and evidence that could potentially strengthen your case.

If you want an attorney who will safeguard you every step of the way of this case, please contact our Ventura office today to get a free consultation.

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