Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accident StatisticsBike accidents can be deadly, leading to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. These California bicycle accident statistics will help give you a better understanding of how dangerous cycling can sometimes be. Contact our office today.

Bicycle Accident Statistics | Cycling in California

There are many great reasons to ride your bike instead of taking a bus or driving a car. You get some good exercise, fresh air, and not to mention, you lessen your carbon footprint. Ventura is one of the most beautiful places in the country to ride your bike; whether you are riding in Sycamore Canyon at Point Mugu State Park or you are taking the city roads to work. Unfortunately, California is also one of the most dangerous places to be a cyclist.

In 2012, California had more bicycle accident fatalities than any other state with 338 riders killed by motor vehicles. This could certainly be attributed to the constant comfortable weather that we experience. The nicer it is, the more people like to be out in the sunshine experiencing nature. And while there are more people on their bikes, there’s a higher chance of accidents.

These accidents often involved a bicyclist and motor vehicle. While the driver in their vehicle might have no damage to their car and barely feel the collision, it could have life-threatening injuries to the rider of the bicycle. Even something as simple as being bumped by a car could send a cyclist flying over their handlebars.

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Bicycle Accident Statistics | Injuries

Most often, when you read about these accidents, there are a few injuries that most of these people have in common. Because these riders are mostly unprotected, except for a helmet usually, their whole body is exposed to trauma. However, it is most common to see serious head injuries in relation to bicycle accidents. This along with spinal injuries, including neck and back, are the most common serious injuries that bicyclists suffer. Often these injuries to the head and spine are what causes the most fatalities. With the head injuries, there will often be a loss of consciousness and sometimes that can range from a concussion to a coma.

Bicycle Accident Statistics | Hiring a Lawyer

When you are looking for the right person to take on your case, we are confident that you won’t have to look any further than us. We are willing and able to do whatever it takes to make sure that this accident is taken seriously and that you are fully compensated for the injuries that have majorly affected your life. Contact our experienced Ventura bicycle accident lawyers today.

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