Personal Injury Case Examples

Personal Injury Case Examples

Personal Injury Case Examples

Personal Injury Case ExamplesUnsure if you have a valid personal injury claim? Here are some personal injury case examples that will give you a better understanding of the claims process in California. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced accident attorneys.

Personal Injury Case Examples | Types

Some of the most common types of cases we handle include cartruckmotorcycle, and bus accidents. We handle premises liability cases too. Premises liability actions occur when a person is injured on the property of another due to hazardous conditions that the property owner knew or reasonably should have known presented a danger to its guests. A common premises liability action may occur when someone slips and falls on a slick surface at a store or restaurant. We also protect the rights of people injured as a result of medical error or malpractice in actions against nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff members. We have a stellar track record of getting high dollar settlements in this arena too. We also handle injuries resulting from dog bites, product liability, assaults, chemical and toxic exposure, mold exposure, asbestos, workplace accidents, construction site accidents, and virtually any other type of injuries that arises through the negligent conduct of another.

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Personal Injury Case Examples | Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is simply a time deadline that a person has after their accident within which they must file their case in court. Different states have different filing periods. Should a person attempt to pursue their personal injury claim after the time period has expired, their case will be time-barred, meaning they are forever prevented from receiving compensation for their injuries. In most accident cases in California, a personal injury victim has a two-year statute of limitations in which to file their case. However, if the at-fault party is the state of California, a town, city, municipality, or governmental entity, the statute of limitations is generally only 6 months.

Although these time periods may sound fairly long to the uninitiated, they are actually very short time periods in the legal world. In many instances an injured party may take up to a year or more just to complete medical treatment for their injuries. It is of utmost importance for an injured party to retain an experienced Ventura personal injury attorney as soon as possible, so as to protect their rights and assure that they do not let the statute of limitations run out on their case.

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