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Bicycle Accident Damages

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If you have been seriously injured while riding your bicycle, you may be drowning in medical bills. You may be able to recover bicycle accident damages that will help you a great deal with your financial struggles. Here is what you should know about recovering.

Bicycle Accident Damages | Types of Injuries

Here’s the unfortunate truth that we have to face in bicycle accident cases when someone riding a bike has been hit by a car. A person on a bike is without protection. They may be wearing a helmet, but that is about it. You’ve just been hit by a two-thousand-pound vehicle that may be going 30, 45 miles an hour. The injuries can be devastating, life-long or catastrophic. What are the damages that you’re entitled to receive? That’s mainly based on how bad your injuries were. Broken bones? Several surgeries? Was a brain injury involved? It could be the whole gambit. These can be very serious and significant cases.

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Bicycle Accident Damages | Insurance

The amount of insurance that the driver has is critically important. In addition, the determination of whether or not you or your parents have a vehicle with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may come into play. What you’re going to see is that there are really a lot of factors that go into determining what the value is for your injuries if you’ve been on a bike and hit by a car. The only way to really make a determination of what the value is and what damages you’re entitled to receive is to talk to an attorney.

Bicycle Accident Damages | Length of Pain and Suffering

Even if you’re a minor, if the injuries are significant enough, these injuries and damages can go for the whole lifetime. You’ve got to have somebody who knows how to make the analysis to fully evaluate the extent of the injuries and damages so that you know that you are being fully protected, not only for now but all the way into the future.

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