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Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

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Were you or someone you love injured while riding their bike? You may be entitled to compensation. Learn about bicycle accident insurance coverage in this video by Ventura bicycle accident attorney Craig Murphy.

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People who have been injured in a bike crash  want to know, “Will my insurance cover me?? The answer to that question really depends on the nature of your insurance policy. Here’s what you need to know and what you need to look at. Does your insurance policy have uninsured, underinsured motorist coverage? Because if a car hits you and it takes off, that is an uninsured driver. If you have uninsured coverage, your insurance policy should be responsible for paying for your injuries and damages.

If a car hits you while you’re on your bike and you’re injured, the unfortunate reality is you could have very severe, life-long injuries. If the person that hit you does not have enough insurance to fully compensate you and take care of all of your damages, and you have underinsured motorist coverage, your policy could also be responsible for paying for your injuries and damages.

The only way to figure it out is for you to sit down with me and to review your insurance policy. We’ll go through your insurance policy, and figure out everyone who is responsible for paying for your injuries and damages.

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