Bicycle Accident Settlement Timeline

Were you injured in a bicycle accident in California? You may be wondering what the bike accident claim timeline looks like. Call Ventura bicycle accident lawyer Craig Murphy for a free consultation.

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At the beginning, we don’t know how long your case will take. There is not a standard cookie-cutter answer that I can give you for that because it’s really dependent on a couple of things.

– how badly you were hurt

– how long it will take for you to heal

– how much care you will require in the future

– if you will have future disabilities

– the amount of pain and suffering you will experience

The only way to really get a good idea of what the valuation of your bike accident claims in Ventura is to come in and meet with me because we have to look at all aspects of your case. When we do that, we can place a range on the value of your case. Then we can go about building your case and making sure that we take the steps that are necessary so that we can prove to the insurance company that you are entitled to every bit of those damages that we have determined is the value of your case.

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