Bus Accident Liability

Injured on a bus? Not sure who’s fault it was? Watch this video by Ventura bus accident attorney Craig Murphy to learn about bus accident liability and find out if you are able to recover compensation.

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Who is going to pay your damages depends on who is the owner of the bus or who caused the accident. It takes an investigation to determine who is responsible. It could be a car or pickup truck that ran into the bus, and they’re going to be responsible. It could be a car or truck that somehow cuts off the bus or takes some evasive action and the bus driver does something in response. It could be that vehicle and the bus company that’s responsible. The California bus crash could be totally the fault of the bus driver and the bus company, and they are solely responsible.

Someone is going to have to conduct a full investigation on your behalf to determine who is responsible for your injuries and damages relating to your California bus crash. The way to make sure that you are fully protected and fairly compensated for all of your injuries and damages is to make sure that you get a California attorney who is skilled and experienced in dealing with bus accident cases.

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