Bus Accident Causes in California

Bus accidents can cause severe injuries. If you or someone you know was injured while riding the bus, call today for a free confidential consultation with Ventura bus accident lawyer Craig Murphy.

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Oftentimes, these accidents can be caused by the bus driver. One of the obvious scenarios is if bus driver crashes into another vehicle, runs a red light, does something wrong and causes a bunch of injuries to either the people in the car or the people on the bus. That one is very clear, but there are other situations where it’s not so clear.

Let’s say that a car cut off the bus, and the bus has to slam on its brakes. Is that bus driver and the bus company responsible for your injuries? They may be. What you need is an attorney to get involved and fully investigate a situation like that and determine fault. If the bus has some percentage of fault and the other vehicle has some percentage of fault, they both will be responsible to make sure that you are fully compensated. If you’re the passenger on the bus, you need to find out who is responsible for your injuries and make sure that you are fully compensated for your damages and injuries.

When you’ve been injured in a bus accident, what you need to do is call somebody who is a skilled and experienced trial attorney because often, these cases go into litigation if there are disputes between the bus company and the other vehicles, and you need someone who knows how to properly prepare your case and get it ready for trial.

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