Car Accident Medical Bills

Who will pay your car accident medical bills? Watch this video to find out. Still have questions about your accident, call our Ventura personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.

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If you have medical bills piling up after you’ve been in a serious car crash, you may be wondering, “Who’s going to pay all of this money that I’m having to pay out of my pocket for co-pays and medical supplies, and things like that?” Those are very serious concerns that many people have. Ultimately, the insurance company for the person that ran into you, here in Ventura County, is going to be responsible to pay those, but they don’t pay you back as soon as you incur those expenses. If you go to the doctor and have to pay a co-pay, you can’t just send that bill to that insurance company and get paid back. They will not pay you any money until you’re ready to settle your whole entire claim.

If the insurance company paid you as you went along, you would not be stressed or strapped financially. The insurance company for the other driver is not on your side. What they want to do is reduce how much they have to pay you. One of the ways that they can get you to settle your case for pennies on the dollar right away is wait until you are hurting financially, and you just need to get whatever you can get from them.

If you’re in that situation, before you do anything, please call me first.

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