Car Accident Settlement Timeline

How long will it take for you to be compensated for your car accident? Watch this video by Ventura injury attorney Craig Murphy to find out about the typical car accident settlement timeline.

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Each claim is different. The length of your settlement depends on how badly you were hurt, how severe your injuries are, how long it will take you to get your treatment and for you to get back to the way that you were before this crash happened. If it’s a very severe injury, you may never be back to normal. There may be lifelong effects from this crash and your injuries, and we need to know that before we are able to settle the case or take it into litigation, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not all the same where I can tell you well, if it’s this type of crash, it’s going to be done in six months; if you’ve got this, it’s going to be two years. Every case has its own specific factors. If you have questions or concerns, the best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to hire a skilled attorney that handles car crash cases and injury cases day in and day out. You don’t want to go to your divorce lawyer or somebody who drew up your will. You need a skilled and experienced personal injury trial lawyer.

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