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Causes of Nevada Bus Accidents

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A bus accident can be devastating, often resulting in serious injury or even death. There are many causes of Nevada bus accidents and figuring out the root of your accident is important if you are looking to file a lawsuit or personal injury claim.

Causes of Nevada Bus Accidents | Human Error

Bus accidents occur when a public transit bus, school bus, or similar commercial vehicle crashes into a pedestrian, animal, nonmoving object, or another motor vehicle. Because these accidents are diverse, any combination of factors can result in a bus accident. The most common basis is human error; bus drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or other nearby drivers may make unsafe choices that cause a collision. A pedestrian may suddenly walk into the road, leaving the bus driver either to strike the pedestrian or swerve out of the way and collide with a car or object. The bus driver or the driver of a car close by may drive recklessly triggering a crash when one of the vehicles stops short or abruptly changes lanes. Buses tend to make wide turns, and a car that fails to yield to a turning bus can easily cause a crash. Though a rare occurrence, a bus driver may be too tired to focus or too intoxicated to effectively operate the bus, and even a split-second distraction may have major consequences.

Causes of Nevada Bus Accidents | Collisions

Some bus accidents, however, have little to do with the actions of the bus driver or other parties. A bus may collide with another vehicle if it has been improperly maintained, breaks may fail, the driver could lose steering, or a tire may blow out, sending the bus careening into another vehicle.

Causes of Nevada Bus Accidents | Faulty Equipment

Because “bus accident” is an umbrella term, it can refer to motor vehicle collisions as well as to injuries caused by faulty equipment inside a bus. A wheelchair lift can unexpectedly stall, stranding a passenger with a disability outside the bus in the hot Las Vegas sun. A bus seat can become dislodged, forcing a passenger to fly forward. A handle make break lose or break, instantly leaving the standing customers with nothing to hold onto as they stumble around the bus. These are but a few examples of the many potential problems that can lead to injuries while on the bus or in a bus accident.

Whether you are a Las Vegas resident or a vacationer, Las Vegas bus accident lawyer Craig Murphy would be glad to help you in your case if you were injured in the Las Vegas area by a bus.