Differential Treatment in the Workplace

Differential treatment in the workplace occurs when certain employees are treated differently than others at work. Call California discrimination lawyer Craig Murphy today to learn more.

What can you do if you feel that other employees are being treated differently than you? They’re getting preferential treatment, or you are being discriminated against because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, or some other aspect that is subjecting you to a different type of treatment than the other employees. What can you do? If there’s an HR Department, obviously, report it to HR and make sure that it’s documented. In any instance, what I would tell you is you need to take notes. You need to know specific instances of how you were treated differently, or what discriminatory thing they did to you that the other employees didn’t have to do. You need to document when, where, who, and how, so that all of this can become evidence later. Again, if there’s a HR Department or someone that you can go to and you can document this in writing, you should do it. If there isn’t, you need to keep these notes for yourself because they will become crucial evidence in your claim. What you need to do is take that evidence to an employment attorney, and have a consultation with them, and figure out exactly what your options and rights are.

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