Dog Bite Insurance Coverage

If you or someone you love was attacked by a dog in California, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn about dog bite insurance coverage and if you can recover in this video by Ventura dog bite lawyer Craig Murphy.

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People who have been attacked here in Ventura by a vicious dog will want to know what insurance is responsible for all of their injuries and damages. The first layer of insurance that needs to be investigated is the owner of the dog. If they own a house, they typically will have homeowners’ insurance coverage. That coverage is going to be responsible for the dog bite or animal attack here in Ventura. If the owner of the dog is a renter, we need to find out if they have renters’ insurance. Sometimes renters’ insurance only covers property. Other times, renters’ insurance will not only cover property, but it could cover situations where someone has been attacked and bitten by a dog. That will take some type of investigation.

If there is no insurance that’s available from the owner of the dog, then we need to find out if there are other layers of insurance that could be responsible for paying for your injuries and damages. One, does your homeowners’ insurance have any responsibility for that? The only way to make that determination is for you to sit down with me and for us to review your entire policy and make that determination. Also, suppose that the person who owned the dog was a renter, how can you find out if the owner of that rental property could be held responsible? That is also going to take a very significant investigation because there may be limited circumstances where it can be proved that the owner had specific knowledge of the dangerous, vicious propensities of this dog and failed to do anything.

In those instances, there may be the basis to establish liability. If they didn’t know anything about it, there may not be insurance coverage that’s available. It is a factual determination. The only way that you’re going to find out and truly know is by hiring an attorney to conduct a full investigation into this.

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