Dog Bites and Uninsured Owners

Were you or someone you love attacked by a dog? Learn about dog bites and uninsured owners to find out if you can be compensated for your injuries in this video by Ventura dog bite attorney Craig Murphy.

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Here is a common scenario here in Ventura when you or a family member has been attacked and mauled by a dog. The owner of the dog has no insurance. They’re just a renter and they have no property. What are your options? What can you do? A couple of things. Number one, we can look at your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance and determine if you are entitled to coverage under your own policy. In addition to that, we can look towards the owner of the dog, and determine whether or not it would be worthwhile to bring a suit against them.

Then the final avenue, we need to see what the facts are involved in this case. If that dog owner doesn’t have insurance, the question is does the owner of the premise, or the owner of the building have any responsibility for that dog and that animal attack. The only way to figure it out is to hire an attorney who will conduct a full investigation. You can only do it once an investigation has been conducted.

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