Employment Discrimination Damages

If you are being discriminated against at work, you may be entitled to employment discrimination damages. Call California discrimination lawyer Craig Murphy today for a free consultation.

If you are no longer employed, and there was a period of time where you were unemployed, obviously, you will be entitled to compensation for the loss of your earnings. If for whatever reason, you’re unemployable, or can’t be employed in the future, or your level of compensation is going to be much less than it was at the company, you will then be entitled for those losses of your future damages. You will also be entitled to damages for psychological injuries, because your employment is a critical part of your life. Being discriminated against in the workplace can have long-term psychological effects on you, so you’re entitled to those damages. In addition to that, you can get pain, suffering, mental distress, and in some situations, you can also get punitive damages. The only way to determine what the full extent of the damages are and what you would be entitled to receive is by talking to a skilled and experienced employment attorney.

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