Fault in Pedestrian Accidents

Were you involved in a pedestrian accident but don’t know who’s fault it was? Learn more about proving fault in pedestrian accidents by Ventura injury lawyer Craig Murphy.

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What if you are a pedestrian, and you’re hit by a car, and you realize that maybe some portion of the fault belongs to you for causing it? Oftentimes, insurance adjusters for the driver of the car will say it’s completely your fault and you’re not entitled to anything. That’s not necessarily true under California law. The bottom line is this. If you were only partially at fault, and the driver was partially at fault, and you have very significant, very severe injuries, you are most likely entitled to compensation from that insurance company, but they will try to deny it.

The thing that you must do is call an attorney early on so that we can contact all of the witnesses, all of the parties, and anybody who’s involved so that we can establish that there is some percentage of fault on the driver in addition to yours. It’s critical that we get involved from the beginning early on so that evidence is not lost.

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