Faulty Handrail Injury Case

Were you injured due to a faulty handrail? Learn about faulty handrail injuries and whether you can recover damages for your injuries in this video by Ventura slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy.

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Unfortunately, faulty handrails often lead to very serious injuries. These types of claims are much more common than what people would expect. There are a few things that you need to do if you have been seriously injured as a result of a faulty handrail.

First, take care of yourself. Make sure that you get to the ER or to a quick care or to your regular family doctor, and get fully examined to determine what the full extent of your injuries are, so that you can get the appropriate and proper medical care and treatment that you require. Second, you’re going to need to document the fact that that handrail was loose and faulty.

If you have fallen and you’re injured, you could be taken away by an ambulance to the ER. What you need to do is get a friend or a family member on the phone and get them to get over to that property right away and document the condition of that handrail. You or your friend or family member need to put the owner or operator of that property on notice of your fall and the fact that it is related to that faulty handrail. You have to contact an attorney right away because that attorney is going to have to get out there and document and investigate that faulty handrail as well. More likely than not, that property owner is going to replace or repair that handrail, and if you don’t have the evidence of the condition that it was in before the repairs, you may have lost all of the evidence that you need to protect yourself.

You have the burden of proof. That means you have to prove that that handrail was faulty and dangerous. You can’t just say it was faulty and dangerous and have that opinion; you have to have some proof. It is your responsibility to get that one way or the other. The best way to do it is do not delay in contacting an attorney.

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