Faulty Step Injury Cases

Were you injured due to a faulty step? Learn more about faulty step injuries and whether you can recover damages for your injuries in this educational video by our Ventura slip and fall attorney.

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If you have been injured because you fell on some stairs that you feel were defective or faulty, this will be important to you to know. If these stairs are faulty, hazardous or dangerous, the property owner could very well be held responsible for your injuries and damages.

The way to know whether the stairs are faulty, hazardous or dangerous, and that you’re entitled to compensation really involves some investigation. We will need to get somebody out there to conduct an inspection of those stairs. We will need to put the property owner on notice that we are claiming those stairs to be faulty, defective or hazardous, and that they cannot make any changes or modifications to them until we have the opportunity to get an expert out there to do measurements and make experiments.

If you have been injured due to a fall down some stairs that you feel are faulty or defective, you need to call an attorney right away because it is very important that you take immediate action on your case.

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