Forced Off The Road on Motorcycle

Were you or a loved one injured when being forced off the road on a motorcycle? You may be entitled to compensation. Call for a free consultation with Ventura motorcycle accident lawyer Craig Murphy.

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Someone who runs you off the road can absolutely be held responsible for your injuries. The question always is this: how do you know who that other driver was? Oftentimes, you are either going to be hit, nudged or forced off, and you either run off the road or have to lay down your bike to avoid being hit by that car. You aren’t going to be able to identify the car. You could be taken away in an ambulance, in the hospital undergoing surgeries, and you don’t know who that other driver is.  However, there may be other drivers in the area who got that information and reported it to the police.

You need to contact an attorney who deals with Ventura motorcycle crash cases on a regular basis. You need to contact them right away, so that they can get out there and get the witness statements that are required to establish that the other vehicle, in fact, is the one that caused this crash and all of your injuries and damages. If you don’t get someone who can get in on this very early and conduct an appropriate investigation, you might not ever be able to get compensation for it.

Don’t delay. Contact me right away. I will meet with you in your hospital, come to you at your home, or you can come into my office. We will spend the time that is necessary to get the information so that we can fully investigate this and see who is responsible for paying your injuries and damages.

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