Gender Discrimination

Were you discriminated against because of your gender identity? You may be able to recover damages for gender discrimination in the workplace. Call an experienced California discrimination lawyer today.

You’re employed and you’ve been doing an excellent job and have been getting superior reviews. Yet, the male employees are getting preference. What do you do? In these circumstances when you suspect that there is preferential treatment for males and that you are being discriminated against because you’re a woman, you need to do some things to protect yourself.

First of all, seek competent, legal representation. Second, there will be things that you need to do to document what is going on. That will be such things as your employment file, all of your reviews, and the fact that, although you are a superior employee with excellent reviews, other employees with less qualifications are getting the promotions that you should either be in line for, or that you have applied for, and they for some reason have been promoted and you haven’t. Those are the type of things that you need to collect and bring to your lawyer so that you can show. It will create the evidence that is necessary for you to bring this type of claim. Before you do anything, again, one of the things that you should do if you suspect that you’re being discriminated against because of the fact that you’re a woman is talk to an attorney and find out what your options are to protect yourself in the future.

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