Hazardous Roads and Motorcycle Accidents

Were you or a loved one injured in a motorcycle accident? You may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about hazardous roads and motorcycle accidents in this video by our Ventura motorcycle accident attorney.

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Have you driven on the roads here in California lately, especially here in Ventura County? You may have noticed that there are a lot of potholes; lots of failure to maintain our roads and our infrastructure. What if that causes our Ventura County motorcycle crash? Are you entitled to compensation from the county or from one of our local cities? If the city knows that the pothole, that the road hasn’t been adequately maintained, and that defect presents a substantial risk of harm to you as a motorcycle driver, they absolutely could be responsible for your injuries and damages.

The time frame for filing a claim for this type of accident is very short. You cannot delay in contacting an attorney, or you may lose any chance that you have of getting compensation. Here’s what you got to do. You have to hire an attorney who is skilled and experienced in litigating Ventura County motorcycle crash claims. You need to get them involved right away so that they can go out and start collecting all of the evidence that is necessary to build your case Then they can get to work on doing the legal work, while you can concentrate on doing what you need to do to get better and get your life back in order.

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