Hostile Work Environment

Are you experiencing a hostile work environment that is making you uncomfortable, or difficult to work? Call an experienced California discrimination attorney today for a free confidential consultation.

You are not forced to be subjected to a hostile work environment just to be able to have a job and provide for yourself and your family. In fact, the law says that you are not to be subjected to a hostile work environment. Now, what constitutes a hostile work environment? That really is a very important question and really takes a lot of analysis. You could be in a situation where maybe there are jokes or banter at the office. A certain level of jokes and banter do not rise to the level of harassment, but there’s a line. Most people know what that line is. Once that line is crossed, and the people at your job know that this is something that’s not acceptable to you, and they keep on doing it, or they do it more, then that is a hostile work environment.

Perhaps they know of your religion, and they are inappropriately ridiculing you, making fun of you, or taking certain actions just to aggravate you because of your religious beliefs, race, or your nationality. These are types of things that are completely inappropriate. You are not to be subjected to sexual harassment, inappropriate jokes, inappropriate images, inappropriate emails, or inappropriate texts. If you are, the best course of action for you is to talk to an attorney. Find out what your rights are and what you can do to correct this situation.

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