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Identifying a Wrongful Death Case

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If a loved one has recently died as the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be wondering if the family of the deceased is able to seek compensation. Here is some important information about identifying a wrongful death case and what you will need to prove.

Identifying a Wrongful Death Case | Definition

The legal term “wrongful death” is far more specific than its broad and subjective wording would suggest. Much as other personal injury cases do, wrongful death lawsuits revolve around the responsibility to prove that a victim’s injury stems from a property owner or private citizen’s actions or lack thereof. In wrongful death suits, attorneys have to prove that this inaction or deliberate behavior was the primary catalyst behind another party’s death.

Identifying a Wrongful Death Case | Civil Suits

It is a common misconception that wrongful death cases and criminal cases are one and the same. Wrongful death cases are in fact civil suits, which can certainly be paired with criminal lawsuits, but civil and criminal cases are distinct entities. In Las Vegas, if a person dies as the result of a car accident, a slip and fall, or even a shooting, criminal cases can commence against the driver, the property manager, or the gunman. Wrongful death suits would accompany these criminal cases, and the benefit of this pairing is that an acquittal in one has no bearing on a “guilty” verdict in the other.

Identifying a Wrongful Death Case | Contact an Experienced Attorney

If you choose to file a wrongful death claim, your attorney can help you to receive compensation for such matters as medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, and loss of benefits. The path to a favorable verdict, though, is never clear-cut. Dedicated Las Vegas wrongful death attorney Craig Murphy has decades of experience navigating the complexities of all types of personal injury cases, and we would be glad to provide you with all the support and guidance that you need as you seek justice for your loss.