Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Learn about insurance companies and truck accidents and why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company until first consulting with your Ventura attorney.

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If you have been involved in a crash or accident with a semi-truck or commercial truck here in California, it’s not going to be long before you start getting calls from the insurance adjusters and the insurance lawyers wanting to take your recorded statement.

Do not give recorded statements to the insurance lawyer or to the insurance adjuster for the commercial truck company or the semi-truck. They have an agenda, and it is not to protect you. Their agenda is not to fully compensate you.

You have never been through anything like this before, yet they have years of experience. The insurance companies have spent thousands of dollars training them. The insurance lawyers have been through law school and have worked for years protecting the insurance companies and you are at a severe disadvantage. No matter how honest you are and how much you want to help them, you are at a severe disadvantage. Do not give them a recorded statement.

Instead, if they call you, tell them that you want to talk to your attorney even if they tell you that you don’t need an attorney. Before you do anything, make sure that you get an attorney who has skill and experience in dealing with semi-truck cases. They are very complex, very complicated cases, and you need someone who deals with these on a regular basis.

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