Med Pay Subrogation

Wondering who will pay your medical expenses? Learn about Med Pay subrogation and how it can help cover your bills by this educational video by our Ventura car accident attorney.

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Many people will call the office and they’ll want to know exactly what PIP, or PIP insurance is, and how it works. Typically, when I get that type of question, that means that you are actually from out-of-state and you’ve moved here to California, because we don’t have PIP insurance here. Typically, what we have here is called medical assistance or medical payments coverage. What that simply means is that your insurance policy provides you with coverage where it will pay for your medical expenses that you have to incur as a result of being in a car crash or a motor vehicle accident. This is very important coverage because what it does is it protects you.

You want to get treated through your health insurance. As everybody knows, you’re going to have out-of-pocket expenses. You’re going to have co-pays for doctors, co-pays for medications, co-pays for x-rays, MRIs, and on and on in terms of the expenses that you are going to have to come out-of-pocket for. The MedPay or the medical assistance coverage will pay you money to reimburse you, pay you back, for your out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition, if, for example, you either do not have health insurance through your employment or you go to get a treatment with a chiropractor for your injuries, many chiropractors don’t take health insurance. If you have Medical Assistance coverage or MedPay coverage under your policy, that will pay for that treatment so that you’re able to get better and get back to work after your crash.

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