California Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Were you or a loved one injured in a motorcycle accident in California? You may be entitled to motorcycle accident compensation for your injuries. Learn more by watching this video by our Ventura motorcycle accident attorney.

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If you have been seriously injured in a California motorcycle accident or motorcycle crash, you’re going to want to know what type of compensation is available to you to pay for all of your injuries and damages.

You are entitled to the damage that was done to your bike. You’re entitled to get it fixed or repaired. That part’s easy. As for your major concerns including all of the injuries and damages that you have suffered, you are entitled to get compensation for all of your medical bills. If you are treated through your health insurance at work, your health insurance company is going to come back. They are going to get reimbursement; they want to get repaid for all of that money, so you’re not going to get any of that.  If you’ve had out-of-pocket expenses – co-pays, prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, MRIs, hospitalization – all of the money that you have had to pay, you’re entitled to receive that.

In addition, you are entitled to compensation for all of the pain, suffering, disfigurement and disabilities that you have had as a result of this Ventura County motorcycle crash. You’re also entitled to physical or mental anguish, and pain and suffering that you have relating to that. If your injuries are so severe and so significant that you are going to have permanent disabilities, pain, suffering and disfigurement into the future, you’re entitled to be compensated for that as well. In addition, if you are going to have medical care and treatment that is required for the rest of your life, you’re entitled to compensation for that.

As you can tell, , many things are involved in evaluating what compensation you are or are not entitled to. The only way that you’re really going to know, and the only way that you are going to be fully and fairly compensated from the other insurance company, is by making sure that you hire the best attorney that you can for your case. The way that you do that is to get someone who deals with motorcycle crash cases on a regular basis; someone who is a real trial attorney. Most likely, in a severe case like this, a lawsuit is going to be required. You need a trial lawyer who can go out and build your case, collect all of the evidence that is necessary and prove to the insurance company that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial. When you’ve done that, they will come to the table and they will settle your case.

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