Motorcycle Passenger Injury Claims

Motorcycle passenger injury claims can be complicated and confusing. Let us handle everything for you so you can focus on your recovery. Call Ventura motorcycle accident attorney Craig Murphy today.

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If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident as a passenger in Ventura, you are entitled to compensation. The insurance company may tell you, “You were a passenger; it wasn’t safe. Whatever was happening was either your fault or the driver of the motorcycle’s fault. Don’t call us; there’s nothing we can do to help you.”

The fact of the matter is, if you are a passenger on a motorcycle and you have been severely injured in a motorcycle crash, you are entitled to compensation. You may be entitled to compensation from the driver of the car that caused the crash. You may be entitled to compensation from the insurance company who insures the motorcycle that you were riding on, or both companies may be responsible for your injuries and damages. The only way you’re going to figure out if you’re entitled to compensation and who has to pay it, is to talk to an attorney who has the skill and experience of dealing with motorcycle crash cases, here in Ventura, on a regular basis.

Just because an attorney rides a motorcycle, doesn’t mean that they are a motorcycle crash attorney. You need someone who deals with these cases on a regular basis and who is a real trial lawyer. If you’ve been injured because you were a passenger on a motorcycle in Ventura, give me a call. I will talk to you about your case, I will answer all your questions, and we will figure out exactly what we need to do to fully investigate it and build the evidence that is required to make sure that you are fully and fairly compensated for all of your injuries.

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