Choosing a Pedestrian Injury Attorney

Choosing a pedestrian injury attorney is one of the most important aspects of recovering damages for your injury. Call our Ventura accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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If you are a pedestrian and you’ve been hit by a car here in Ventura County, how can you find the best attorney for your case? You want to make sure that your rights are protected. One of the best ways that you can make sure that your rights are fully protected is to make sure that you get the best attorney for your case. The way that you do that is really two-fold. Number one, you have to make sure that the attorney has the required and appropriate experience. You need to ask every attorney that you talk to:

-What is your track record?
-How many of these cases have you handled?
-What are your results?
-How long have you been an attorney?
-How many trials have you been in?
-What is your history and track record with the insurance companies?

Then number two, you have to interview a number of attorneys. Call their offices. Find out if you can only talk to an intake person or the receptionist. If you’re able to get through to an attorney, will that attorney spend the time necessary with you on the phone to answer all of your questions? Is that attorney really interested in you or do they just want you into the office, so they have another file? Or is this firm down in LA and they say we handle cases all over California? Do you really think some firm down in LA with thousands of files is going to make you their priority?

Here’s the bottom line. If you have been injured in a pedestrian-car accident here in Ventura, I will spend the time necessary to answer all of your questions. When you get done evaluating all of the attorneys that you’ve spoken to, ask yourself who do I really think has my best interest at heart? Who is going to give me the time that I require? Who’s going to give me the service that I want? I’ll be glad to talk to you.

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