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Prevent a Dog Bite

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Are you wondering how to prevent a dog bite? These incidents can be really devastating for the victim and cause a lawsuit that could have been avoided. Here are some tips to prevent a dog bite.

Prevent a Dog Bite | Common Breeds

One of the most basic steps in reducing the likelihood of a dog bite or attack is to stay cautious around larger dogs, as multiple studies have shown that only a few breeds of dogs are behind the lion’s share of dog bite related fatalities. Dogs belonging to these breeds are not inherently vicious, but they may appear more threatening due to their size and strength. Depending on the studies cited, pit bulls and pit-bull mixes cause between 25% and 60% of all deaths from dog bites and attacks. Rottweilers ranked next, albeit as a distant second; roughly one in seven dog bite fatalities stem from an attack by a Rottweiler. Other breeds that are frequently responsible for dog bite related deaths are German shepherds, huskies, American bulldogs, and bull mastiffs.

Prevent a Dog Bite | Causes of Attacks

It is important to remember that correlation does not equal causation, and most dogs from these breeds will never show any sort of violent tendencies. Victims often blame a dog’s breed rather than more relevant factors that lead to an attack or incident.  This is why breeds are frequently included as the reason behind the attacks. The science, however, disagrees. State Farm Insurance has even noted that there is frequent misidentification of dog breeds during attacks, and breed-specific legislation has not proven effective at curbing dog bites. Nevertheless, maintaining a safe distance from the inherently larger dogs of the above breeds, especially if the dogs do not appear to be supervised or securely leashed, may lower the risk of an attack.

Prevent a Dog Bite | Dog Owner Tips

Dog owners, particularly those who own a dog belonging to one of the above breeds, must take proper care of their pets if they want to avoid involvement in a lawsuit. They should not choose a dog with a temperament that is unlikely to be compatible with the owner’s home environment; residents of apartment buildings and big cities, for example, should think twice before adopting large dogs that need ample space. Dog owners should not wrestle, antagonize, or act cruelly toward their pets, as any combination of these actions can exacerbate a dog’s viciousness.

I hope these tips are helpful to prevent a dog bite. If you have any questions, please call our Las Vegas dog bite attorney for a free consultation.