Questions To Ask The Dog Owner After A Bite

There are many questions to ask the dog owner after a bite to ensure your safety, and protect your rights. Watch this video by Ventura dog bite attorney Craig Murphy to find out what to ask.

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If you’ve been bitten by a dog here in California, you need to find out what the history of this dog is. Did the dog have vicious propensities? Did it have a history of biting other people? You need to find out if the person has renters’ insurance or if they’re a homeowner. You need to know if this dog has been reported to animal control before. Typically, that is the basic information that you need to get from the owner to protect yourself. In addition to that, what you need to do is make sure that you get appropriate medical care and treatment. You also have to take the step of reporting this incident to animal control because they will investigate it. If this dog has a history of violent propensities, that can be very important.

In addition, you need to find out from animal control whether or not this dog has had all of its shots. You do not want to find out later that you have to go through treatment for rabies because they don’t know if this dog has ever been vaccinated for rabies or not. You need to find out all of that information. If you have questions or if you’re uncomfortable getting this information from the owner of the dog, you give me a call. I will be glad to step in on your behalf, conduct an investigation, and notify all the appropriate departments that need to have notice of this incident.

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