Religious Discrimination

If an employer fails to accommodate your religious beliefs or practices, they may be guilty of religious discrimination. Call an experienced California discrimination attorney today for a free consultation.

The law says that an employer cannot discriminate against you because of your religious beliefs. If you feel that you’re being discriminated against specifically because of your religious beliefs, you need to take a couple of steps. Number one, is to report it to someone up the chain of command and get it corrected. If you work for a very small company and it’s the owner that’s discriminating against you, what do you do? You’ve got a couple of options. Number one, you can say to your boss, “My religion requires that I do this, or that I have this day off,” etc. What if it is a subtle type of discrimination? It’s comments, it’s treating you different, it’s things like this. You need to document it. Write down what has happened, what the instances are, the dates, who was there, what was said, and how that’s affected you. Then what you need to do is consult with an employment attorney who handles religious discrimination types of cases because these are very specific and very complicated. They are important cases. The only way that you can figure out what you can do and how to prevent this type of discrimination in the workplace is to talk to an employment attorney.

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