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Reporting Coworker Harassment

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If you have been the victim of coworker harassment, you may need to take legal action. Our Las Vegas employment law attorneys are dedicated to fighting against workplace discrimination and other discriminatory practices. If you are being treated unfairly because of your ethnicity, age, or religious beliefs, contact our office today. Reporting coworker harassment is the first step toward putting an end to the problem. Here is what you need to know.

Reporting Coworker Harassment | Workplace Discrimination

What you can do about a co-employee making derogatory comments about you really depends on the extent and nature of the comments. If it’s a co-employee and you feel you have the ability to just say, cut it out, it might be the easiest option. In most situations, the offending co-employee is not going to, they’re just going to use that as bait to get worse. What you need to do is bring it to the attention of your supervisor. If you have an employee manual, follow that employee manual as to what it tells you to do in terms of how you report it, who you report it to, and how it’s documented.

If your employer then comes in and takes care of the situation, good. But what do you do if they don’t? What if you followed all of your policies and procedures and your company doesn’t do anything about it? You do not have to be harassed at work in order to keep your job and provide for your family. If your employer is not doing what they are supposed to under the law, you need to talk to an attorney. You need to seek legal advice and determine what the next steps are for you to protect yourself in the workplace. These are legitimate claims. This is behavior that should not be allowed. Your employer should do what is necessary. If they don’t, they should be held accountable.

Reporting Coworker Harassment | Hostile Work Environment

You are not forced to be subjected to a hostile work environment just to be able to have a job and provide for yourself and your family. In fact, the law says that you are not to be subjected to a hostile work environment. Now, what constitutes a hostile work environment? That really is a very important question and really takes a lot of analysis. You could be in a situation where maybe there are jokes or banter at the office. A certain level of jokes and banter do not rise to the level of harassment, but there’s a line. Most people know what that line is. Once that line is crossed, and the people at your job know that this is something that’s not acceptable to you, and they keep on doing it, or they do it more, then that is a hostile work environment.

Reporting Coworker Harassment | Filing a Claim

If you are being discriminated against in the workplace and you have not been able to get your employer to correct or eliminate that discrimination, what are your options? What can you do? What you need to do is talk to an employment attorney and get advice about how you can go about filing a discrimination case with the EEOC. The attorney should work with you in filling out the complaint and getting your EEOC complaint filed. Once the EEOC gets it, they will conduct an investigation, and hold a hearing. Those are the first steps. When you have hit a brick wall with your employer, get legal advice, and then seek the intervention of the EEOC.