Residential Property Slip and Fall

Did you trip and fall on someone else’s property? You may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about residential property slip and fall cases in this video by our Ventura slip and fall lawyer.

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If you were hurt at someone’s house, that is a very specific type of slip and fall case that requires you to obtain some information.

If you are at someone’s house and they are a friend or relative, you may need to ask them how long this condition been like that. What happened that caused you to fall? Was there a defect in their property that they knew about and that defect caused your fall? Perhaps they knew about it, yet they didn’t fix it or tell you about it. If you don’t get that type of information or if you’re uncomfortable getting it, and you don’t hire an attorney to go out and get that information, the insurance company quite likely could deny your claim, and you might not get any compensation for your injuries and damages. You need to know what it was that caused you to fall, how long it had been there, and whether or not the property owner knew about it.

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