Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is discrimination and you do not have to put up with it! Call an experienced California sexual harassment lawyer for a free consultation and protect your rights now.

We’ve all seen the news. We know what’s been going on. What I’m talking about is sexual harassment and the Me Too movement. It’s become top of mind. What do you need to know if you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace? First of all, let’s get this straight. No one has to endure sexual harassment to keep your job and to provide for your family. No one is entitled to do that do you because of their position, or because they’re the employer, or they own the company. They don’t get to do it.

You have to unfortunately not only endure that and go through it, but you’ve got to take a number of steps to protect yourself. You need to go to management and report it and ask them to take care of the situation. If they don’t, you need to document it because they have an obligation to investigate, and take care of the situation. If they don’t, that’s when they can become responsible. Now, what if the person that is doing this is the owner of the company and you’ve got nowhere to go? You should somehow document it, and you need to tell this person and make it clear in documentation that it’s not going to be tolerated, that it’s not appropriate, that you’re not going to give into it.

However, I understand that these are very sensitive, very touchy situations, and you’re going to have questions. If you’re involved in the middle of a situation where you’re being harassed, you need competent legal advice. The best thing that I can tell you to do is to call an attorney. Talk to them and get advice. so that you know what your options are.

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