Sexual Harassment Retaliation

Sexual harassment retaliation includes any adverse action an employer takes against you for complaining of sexual harassment. Learn more about your rights by calling an experienced California sexual harassment attorney for a free consultation.

You’re being subjected to sexual harassment at work. You have an employee manual. You follow the steps. You report it up the chain of command. Then your employer starts to retaliate against you. What do you do? Whether it’s your supervisor or someone else at the company is starting to retaliate against you because you made a legitimate complaint, what do you do?

Is there someone higher up that you can go to and put on notice of that? If not, or you believe that it would be completely ineffectual and that it would subject you to even more harassment, what you need to do is to contact an attorney. At that point, when your company is not stepping up and doing what they are supposed to do under the law, you need to get appropriate legal advice. Call an attorney. Get the legal advice. Do what you need to do to protect yourself in the workplace.

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