Sibling Wrongful Death Claims

Was your brother or sister killed due to another person’s negligence? Learn about sibling wrongful death claims and recover compensation for your loss in this educational video by our Ventura wrongful death lawyer.

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A frequent question regarding California wrongful death claims is whether someone can bring a wrongful death claim based upon the death of their sibling. The answer to that question is that you may be able to. It depends on a number of factors. California probate law dictates who can and can’t be a claimant for a wrongful death under a California wrongful death claim. It will depend on whether or not that decedent, the person who was killed as a result of someone else’s negligence, had children or were married. If they were unmarried and didn’t have any children, and you are the closest relative, you may be able to bring it. It may be your parents that need to bring the claim.

Here’s the bottom line. Some form of legal analysis has to be conducted to determine whether you as a sibling can or cannot bring the wrongful death claim. If you think you have a wrongful death claim for the death of a sibling, I will talk to you on the phone, and I will answer your questions. I don’t charge a penny to talk to you about your potential Ventura County wrongful death claim. What I will do is I will give you the information that you need to know so that we can determine whether or not you have a claim for your Ventura County wrongful death claim of your sibling. If it’s not you, it may be another family member. We will do the analysis and we will tell you. The time frame can be very short for some of these wrongful death claims, so call me right away.

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