Slip and Fall Injury Settlements

Slip and fall injury settlements come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you maximize your recovery! Call Ventura slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy today for a free consultation.

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How long it typically takes a slip and fall case to be resolved here in Ventura County really depends on a number of facts. First of all, how badly were you hurt? If you have injuries that take many months for you to get treatment and to get better, we cannot even make your claim until we know that you have fully recovered and that you’re all better. If you have injuries that are so severe that may require treatment and care for the rest of your life, we need to know that. That is going to impact how long your case, or your claim is going to take. It’s very fact-specific. It depends on the facts of your case, the nature of your injuries, and how much treatment that you’re going to require.

Bottom line is this. To make sure that you are adequately protected, and that you receive the compensation that will fully and fairly compensate you for all of your injuries and all of your damages, you need to hire an attorney who has years of experience in dealing with slip and fall, premises liability cases.

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