Suing a City or Municipality

Suing a city or municipality is no easy task. Ventura slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy has decades of experience and a proven track record of success.

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What happens if you have been injured because you tripped and fell due to a cracked sidewalk or a defective curb? Can you sue the city or the county? It is quite possible, but it is going to take an investigation.

Number one, we have to figure out what the extent of the defect was. Let’s suppose that it’s very apparent that there is a significant defect in the sidewalk or the curb. That is critically important. The next thing we have to determine is whether the city had any notice, or they should have been on notice of that defect. It really depends on whether someone has pointed it out to them, or whether that defect has existed for such a length of time that, in the exercise of regular and ordinary care, they should have spotted it and they should have come and taken care of it.

Obviously, this is going to take some degree of investigation. It is critical that the evidence surrounding the defect be preserved as close in time to your fall as it can be. You should not delay in contacting an attorney. If you have been injured due to a fall, defective sidewalk or a curb, and you believe that the city or county is responsible, you need to call an attorney right away. Not only do you have to gather the evidence, but the time frame for bringing a claim against a governmental entity, here in California, is very short. There are very specific requirements and you cannot delay, or you could lose your right to be compensated for your injuries and damages.

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