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The Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Are you wondering how to pick the right motorcycle accident attorney? Do you maybe want to know if you even need an attorney at all? Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring an attorney and how you should choose the best one for you.

The Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Why Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

People will call and ask, “Do I really need a lawyer if I’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in Nevada or Las Vegas?” The answer is, absolutely yes. Motorcycle crashes are a unique type of crash and they involve many different issues. In addition to that, there are aspects of a motorcycle crash claim that the insurance companies try and take advantage of. You need an attorney who is specifically skilled and experienced in dealing with motorcycle crash claims. You don’t need a lawyer who rides a motorcycle, you need a board certified personal injury specialist who is a trial lawyer. The insurance companies are going to try and blame you for the crash, minimize your damages, and weasel out of their responsibility. If you’ve got a lawyer who just rides a motorcycle, what good is that going to do you?

You need someone who knows how to build a case. You’ve got to have somebody who’s up to the task. You don’t need a motorcycle rider, you need a trial lawyer.

The Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney | How Should I Choose a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

You must hire somebody who has skill and experience in dealing with motorcycle crash claims. These are not the kind of cases that you can go and get your divorce lawyer or somebody who put your will together, etc. You can’t go to somebody that you know that works for an insurance company and they do insurance defense claims. You will be in trouble if you don’t have a board certified personal injury specialist who is a trial lawyer and who deals on a regular basis with motorcycle accident claims. These cases are very complicated.

The insurance adjusters and the insurance lawyers who defend these claims know what they’re doing, and their whole goal is to make sure that they pay as little as possible. You can’t get a lawyer who’s just dabbling in these types of claims. In fact, you can’t get a lawyer who just claims that they’re a motorcycle lawyer because they have a motorcycle or get their picture on a billboard taken on a motorcycle. You have to have a trial lawyer who knows how to prepare your case. You’re not going to get fully compensated until the insurance company knows that your lawyer has built your case and they’re ready, willing and able to take your case to trial if you have to go to trial. They will never step up to the plate and fully compensate you until they know that. The only way you’re going to get there is with a real trial lawyer.

If you are looking for the right motorcycle accident attorney, please call our office today. Our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney Craig Murphy would be more than happy to answer your questions in a free consultation.