Time Limits for Trucking Accident Claims

If you don’t file your truck accident claim on time, you may lose your right to sue. Watch this video by our Ventura injury lawyer to learn about time limits for trucking accident claims.

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You have the same amount of time to file your lawsuit as you do in other personal injury cases. That means you have, typically, two years from the date of the crash to either file a complaint or get your case settled. If you don’t file your complaint within that two years, you will lose your chance to receive any compensation for your injuries or damages. There are some exceptions to that.

If a minor has been injured, that time frame may be extended. If it’s a government vehicle, then the time frame may be as short as six months. If you have a life-changing injury or a wrongful death from a semi-truck crash here in California, you need to talk to an attorney as soon as you can. They need to help guide you through this process. They need to take dealing with the insurance companies and all the legal matters off of your plate, so that you can concentrate on getting better, getting back to work and providing for your family.

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