Unwanted Sexual Advances

Is another coworker making unwanted sexual advances towards you? You have rights. End the harassment today. Call our experienced California sexual harassment attorney for a free confidential consultation.

What happens when a co-employee is making inappropriate sexual advances at work that you don’t want, that are unwanted? What can you do? The first thing, and the easiest thing is to make it clear to that other employee that you don’t want the advances, that it’s inappropriate and that you’re not going to put up with it. Don’t be confrontational or over the top. Just matter of fact, I don’t want this involvement with you. Whatever you think is appropriate, but handle it in a professional straight-forward manner, and say that you’re not up for it. Hopefully, it will end, but if it doesn’t, what do you do? What are your options?

In the workplace, you then take it up the chain of command. Talk to your supervisor, report it, document it, ask them to take that appropriate step. If there is an employee manual, this is something that should be described in there. There should be a procedure that you can follow. Get out your employee manual. Find out what the procedure is. Find out who you report it to, and how you do it, and document it. If you’ve gone up the chain of command, and you’re not getting any support or any relief, and this employee is continuing, at that point, you need to seek legal advice. You need to call an attorney and find out what your legal options are.

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