Warning Sign Injury Claim

Were you injured in a slip and fall? Even if there was a warning sign, you may still be able to recover compensation. Learn about warning sign injury claims in this video by Ventura slip and fall attorney Craig Murphy.

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Here is a typical question for someone in California who’s been injured as a result of a slip and fall incident. What is the effect of a warning sign? Does that mean that the business is not responsible for your fall and my injuries? The answer is somewhat complicated and complex because the real concern is how effective that warning sign was. Did it actually put you on notice that there was a dangerous or slippery condition there on the property?

For example, there is somebody who is mopping the floor, and they have a mop bucket that says ‘CAUTION,’ or ‘WARNING: SLIPPERY WHEN WET,’ and it’s a big yellow mop bucket. However, they’re down the hall and left a streak of water across the floor. You come walking in the door on the other end of the hall and you slip and fall and break your hip. That mop bucket down the hall did not provide you any warning or any notice. It’s completely ineffectual.

What if there is a cone that is right by you? It’s right where something slippery is, and you trip over the cone or slip on what’s slippery right next to the cone. Did that provide you adequate notice of that slippery condition? Just because it was there, it may not answer the complete question. What if there is a display of products and you’re looking at the products, and that cone was right out in the middle where everybody was going to walk?

There are a lot of variations. There are numerous facts that need to be investigated to determine whether or not that warning was sufficient or whether it was insufficient. Here’s what you need to do: take pictures, take video, document the way that the cone was, or the warning sign was and where the hazard was. You have the burden of proof; you have to prove they were negligent. The way to do it is to gather evidence right from the beginning by taking pictures, taking video, asking anybody there who saw what happened what they have to say and what they saw, and maybe recording it all on your phone.

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